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We offer two types of annual members: voting and nonvoting.  All memberships are reviewed and approved annually and run from May 1st to April 30th. A membership is good for spouse and children at home under 18-years.  

All voting members must initially be a nonvoting member for one year and are expected to help maintain the club through participation in events and helping with work parties. Voting members are able (and encouraged) to participate in our annual meeting where officers and board members are elected.


Annual nonvoting membership: $85.00

Annual voting membership: $100.00

Annual rifle and pistol access: +$20.00

Note: if you have a rifle and pistol access, you will be issued a card that will allow you to shoot 7-days a week from 9:00 am till 1/2 hour before sunset. 


Fees maybe paid with cash, check, or credit card.  All shooters must sign in before using any of the facilities.

                              Members     Guest       Juniors

5-stand              $8.00           $11.00       $7.00 

Skeet                     $7.00           $10.00      $6.00

Sporting Clays   $17.00          $23.00     $13.00

Trap                       $7.00           $10.00      $6.00

30 Bird Flurry      $7.00.            $9.00

(per person)

Golf cart rental   $10 Member: $15.00 Guest

Prepaid $100.00 shooting card: $95.00

Rifle and Pistol.     $20/yr.         $10/day (must be accompanied by a member to use Rifle and Pistol facilities)

Hold Harmless:

All members and their family members shooting must sign a hold harmless.


All guests must complete a hold harmless each time they shoot.

A parent or guardian must also sign the hold harmless for a minor.

Here is a copy of the hold harmless:

Membership process:

Each member (both voting and nonvoting) must apply to renew their membership in the spring of each year prior to April's annual meeting.  Nonvoting members are allowed a 60-day grace period and voting members are allowed a 90-day grace period. Membership renewals may either be mailed or returned to the club.  New prospective members must complete and sign a nonvoting membership application and return it along with their dues.  The application will be held and considered by the board at the next board meeting.

Here is the nonvoting membership application:                                    Here is the voting membership application:

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