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Bay County Conservation and Gun Club

Our History

The Early Years:

Bay County Conservation and Gun Club was started in 1938 on the land that is currently Bay Valley Hotel and Resort on Old Bridge Road in Bay County. The club house, along with Skeet and Trap fields, was built in the early 1940's. In 1973 this property was sold for the construction of Bay Valley Hotel and the Old Hayward farm of 400 acres on Rogers Road was purchased for the site of the new club. 


Current Site:


In winter of 2002/2003 a 5-Stand set up was completed with nine different presentations of targets, thus adding a dual purpose to this field. The fall of 2003 saw the expansion of our 50 bird clays course into a circular course. Ten automatic traps, along with an additional course in August 2004 rounded out our Clays course to 100 birds. The Rifle Range now boasts a large shooting pavilion thanks to the generous donation of one of our members in May, 2007.

September, 2009 brought a lot of our plans full circle. We added automated traps to the old manual 50 bird sporting clays course, bringing the total to 100 automated targets on sporting clays. Trap now enjoys calling for targets by voice activation. April, 2010 the battery charging system on our sporting clays courses was upgraded and powered by solar panels. By early spring of 2012 a new combination field was installed in combination with the original #5 Skeet field. This field is a regulation Skeet field.

A year later, In 1974, a new club with Skeet and Trap fields was built. In September of 1993 a 34' by 60' addition was added to the original club house and in July of 1997 the original part of the club house was completely remodeled into a modern kitchen. Prior to this remodeling the small garage that sat 50 feet to the south of the club house served as a part time kitchen, housing the grill, deep fryer and refrigerator. We lost the garage along with the entire contents of tools, machinery and kitchen to an arson fire in late fall of 1999. From membership dues and select cut timber moneys, a new large storage building was built to the north of the club house in July 2001.



President: Bob Johnson

Vice President: Art Peters

Secretary: Bob Messmer

Treasurer: Doug Haberland

Building & Grounds: Greg Little


Kevin Benedict

Tom Bills

Dan Bloom

Kelly Dishaw

Kenny Johnson

Mike Noble

Gene Moyer

Mike Shufelt

Gary Schupska

Board Meetings:

Our Board meets 11 times a year and the meetings are open to all members in good standing.  Meetings are usually held on the third Thursday of the monthj, except November.  Meetings are held at the club and start at 6:30.  


Our annual meeting and elections are held during the April Board Meeting, and all voting members are encouraged to attend.

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